I made my first fastalavnsboller yesterday. Fastalavnsboller is a pastry bun thing we eat in Denmark in February for our kind of Halloween. It is where kids dress up, but it is not scary. you eat these, and get candy by going door to door singing. It is difficult to explain. But the buns are […]

Visiting Denmark

After living in Las Vegas for more than a year, I do not have enough clothes to visit Denmark in the winter… I thought it would start to warm up, but surprise, winter is coming. We had rented a car, but when we tried to pick it up, they wouldn’t give it to us, and […]

Being Danish

I didn’t think much about what it meant to be Danish when I lived there. I didn’t cook traditional Danish food, I wasn’t necessarily proud of being Danish, sometimes I even wanted to be from a different country – and then I moved to Las Vegas. What changed I don’t know, but I have cooked […]

Happy New Year 2018

New Year is a great time to reevaluate and set goals for the next year, this is what this post will be about, my goals for 2018. I am starting my 2018 with a whole30, to reset my eating habits after the holidays. This is one of the things I want to improve in 2018 […]


It is never easy moving away from home, wether it is when you are 18, moving out of your parents house or you are 36 moving from your home country. We have lived in Las Vegas for a little over a year and like living here.  But when you get to the Holidays, it can get […]


I love Christmas, it is by far my favorite Holiday. In my family we have a lot of traditions during December, and even though I have moved abroad, I have tried to uphold them.   That means making konfekt – which is homemade treats with Marzipan and chocolate Baking Danish Christmas cookies – vanillekranse it […]