I won

Look what I was so lucky to win on Instagram from No crumbs left and Strauss meat I never win, so I feel extremely lucky to win such an amazing prize, look at all that meat. I am planning on starting my second whole30 in January,  and this is perfect for that. I already have so many ideas. […]


It is never easy moving away from home, wether it is when you are 18, moving out of your parents house or you are 36 moving from your home country. We have lived in Las Vegas for a little over a year and like living here.  But when you get to the Holidays, it can get […]

Rice porridge (risengrød)

Risengrød (rice porridge) is a Danish Christmas dish. It is different how often people eat it through December. In my family we got it on the 23rd, the day before Christmas eve. Because this is the main ingredients for ris a la mande, the Christmas dessert. Well, back to the porridge, you eat it with […]


I love Christmas, it is by far my favorite Holiday. In my family we have a lot of traditions during December, and even though I have moved abroad, I have tried to uphold them.   That means making konfekt – which is homemade treats with Marzipan and chocolate Baking Danish Christmas cookies – vanillekranse it […]