I made my first fastalavnsboller yesterday. Fastalavnsboller is a pastry bun thing we eat in Denmark in February for our kind of Halloween. It is where kids dress up, but it is not scary. you eat these, and get candy by going door to door singing. It is difficult to explain. But the buns are […]

Osso Buco in Denmark

I am currently visiting my mom in Denmark. Apparently Denmark saved the winter for my visit, so one day it is snowing and the next raining. It is cold as f… but look how beautiful the snow is <3 I was so lucky my mom had some Kobe Osso Buco’s in the freezer for me […]

Rice porridge (risengrød)

Risengrød (rice porridge) is a Danish Christmas dish. It is different how often people eat it through December. In my family we got it on the 23rd, the day before Christmas eve. Because this is the main ingredients for ris a la mande, the Christmas dessert. Well, back to the porridge, you eat it with […]