I didn’t think much about what it meant to be Danish when I lived there. I didn’t cook traditional Danish food, I wasn’t necessarily proud of being Danish, sometimes I even wanted to be from a different country – and then I moved to Las Vegas.

What changed I don’t know, but I have cooked more traditional Danish food the last year, than I ever have. I take pride in introducing these meals to our American friends, and feel like it is the best thing on the earth coming from Denmark. This sometimes make me look at my self, and think who are you. Funny how your nationality gets to mean so much, when you are far away from home.

I don’t care about sports, but apparently my new opinion is that soccer is the only real form of football, and the American one is just wrong….. Who is this person???? well apparently me.

Before I moved here, I didn’t understand why Americans care so much about their heritage. But I do now, it is what sets your basic values. How you act, what is important, how you see the world.

I love where I am from, I love the values I was taught. I cook the Danish meals to remember my values. My husband and I eat almost all our meals at the dining table, with the TV of, because that is some of my favorite times with family and friends in Denmark. Sitting at a table eating together, talking about our day and on weekends having a glass of wine.

All holidays I do the traditional Danish dishes, and decorate (well I only decorate for Christmas). It is fun introducing other cultures to the Danish, and at the same time learning more about it myself, and learning more about who I am.


Proud Dane signing of 🙂

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