I love Christmas, it is by far my favorite Holiday.

In my family we have a lot of traditions during December, and even though I have moved abroad, I have tried to uphold them.


  • That means making konfekt – which is homemade treats with Marzipan and chocolate
  • Baking Danish Christmas cookies – vanillekranse it is a round vanilla cookie and brunkager this is kind of a gingerbread cookie
  • Making gløgg – warm redwine with spices, alcohol infused raisins and almonds,
  • Last but not least æbleskiver – this is kind of a pancake puff. I will post recipes for all the things above. So you can get a little bit of the Danish Christmas spirit.

In Denmark December is very dark and cold, so very different from living in Las Vegas, where we currently have temperatures in the late 60’s  (plus minus 20 degrees celcius). That means you have to find your Christmas spirit from traditions rather than the weather 🙂

I like having my home decorated, having friends over for Gløgg and æbleskiver, watching Christmas movies and eating cookies. This for me is all a part of Christmas.

In Denmark we celebrate Christmas on the 24th, with a big dinner, dancing around the tree and getting presents. I will introduce our American friends for Danish Christmas for the first time this year. That also means it is the first time I will be preparing a traditional Danish Christmas dinner. If it turns out well I will put up recipes.

The traditional dinner consists of duck, Pork loin with the grinds, red cabbage, gravy, sugar potatoes, white potatoes and salted potato chips. For dessert we serve ris a la mande which is a rice pudding with almonds, you get a warm cherry sauce with it, it is delicious.

I can’t wait to try and make my own.

Hope you all are having a great December with lots of traditions and love 🙂



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