It is never easy moving away from home, wether it is when you are 18, moving out of your parents house or you are 36 moving from your home country. We have lived in Las Vegas for a little over a year and like living here.  But when you get to the Holidays, it can get a little tough. Especially Christmas that is so filled with tradition.

Last year we had just moved here, so everything was new and exciting, and we had had a really busy year with a lot of oversea travels. So as long as Christmas was in one place I was good.

We hadn’t been back to Denmark for a year, before we went back for a three week visit in

November. It was amazing seeing all of our family and friends. We came home the Monday before Thanksgiving, had Thanksgiving with great friends, who we also have enjoyed a lot of our Danish traditions with during the month. But when they come over for Aebleskiver and Glögg, even though it is nice, it makes me miss my family and friends in Denmark.

I would love to be able to invite my Danish friends and family over for some Christmas hygge (directly translated it means cozy, but hygge holds so much more). I am going back to Denmark in the end of January, and I will get in some extra quality time, so I can stuck up.

Feeling homesick isn’t about not having amazing people around you, it is the need to share these people and moments with the other people you love too.


Happy Holidays to all, hope you are together with the people you love 🙂




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