This is a very important part of the Danish Christmas tradition 🙂

It is basically a ball shaped pancake. The direct translation is apple slices, which doesn’t make sense, as there are no apples in them, but in the old days, there was, hence the name.

I actually made an apple puré to put in this year – very good. I must try with actual slices too.

The recipe I use, is one I got from my mom, who got if from her friend Bette Birte’s husband Ole, and it is his moms recipe – wuh that was a long one 😉

These are quite easy to make, and really yummy!!

Ingredients (These will be in the metric system, as it is the original recipe I post):

250 gr. all purpose flour

1/2 tbsp sucker

1 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

2 eggs

4 dl buttermilk


Run the flour through a sieve and add the other ingredients.

Mix it together either with a mixer or a whisk, until the batter is blank, it is supposed to have the consistent of pancake batter.

I pour my batter into a jar that is easy to pour from.

Now heat up your æbleskive iron/cast iron pan. This is the one I bought :

Heat it over medium heat, I start after 5 minutes, when it isn’t completely heated, just because the first batch always seems to be most difficult.

Add a little grease into each hole, I use Ghee, I find that very easy.

Then add the batter, fill each hole 3/4 as it rises.

Now you just have to leave it for a minute until it lets go of the side, and you can easily flip it around to make a ball.

If the pan is to warm it cooks to fast on the outside, and will be raw in the middle. So make sure it gets a couple of minutes on each side, adjust the heat so you don’t burn the æbleskiver.

You eat them warm with confectioner sugar and jam

Enjoy 🙂


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